Our range of services also includes electrogalvanizing. We have a fully automated suspension electrogalvanizing line which guarantees effective metal protection against corrosion. The alkaline zinc plating technology results in shiny details with a perfect distribution of the zinc coating.

We guarantee the high quality of the galvanic coatings.

We provide:

– Zinc plating on hanging components for dimensions (2500x700x1500/LxBxH)
– Application of various coating thicknesses
– Cobalt-free Cr3+ blue passivation
– Short lead time
– Punctuality of orders
– Competitive prices

Electrogalvanizing is a commonly used process to protect steel or cast iron against corrosion, but it also has decorative properties due to the blue chromate layer. With our state-of-the-art production line, which consists of 52m 3 process baths and four constantly working manipulators, we are able to galvanise around 300 tonnes of material per month.

Comprehensive services

The gradual growth of our company results in an expansion of the services we offer. In order to meet expectations of our customers, we are able to offer a comprehensive product manufacturing service, i.e. from design, production, to packaging and dispatch to the custome. In this way, the customer has constant control over the product and the waiting time is reduced to a minimum.

Safety and environment

As we are focused on sustainability, we are constantly striving to make changes to our facility.

We possess a number of certifications confirming that we operate in accordance with safety and environmental standards including ISO 14001:2015.

Quality control

To ensure that each product meets the criteria of our customers, we are equipped with specialised laboratory equipment that enables us to create consistent coatings. We are confident that our coating meets the highest standards. The analyses that we are able to perform either by ourselves or in cooperation with others are:

– Analysis of the condition of electrogalvanizing baths using a “HULL cell”
– Analysis of the composition of electroplating baths by titration methods to determine the presence of cations and anions
– Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) bath composition analysis
– Measurement of coating thickness and composition and bath composition analysis by X-ray Fluorescence
–  Corrosion tests in an inert salt spray according to ISO – 9227:2017 and tests in a climate chamber using the ASCOTT SS 450IS corrosion test chamber.