Laser welding

3000W handheld laser welding machine

Modern fiber laser welder


A revolutionary method of combining materials 


Laser welding consists in melting the contact area with a concentrated beam of very high power light. The most modern method of joining metals and alloys allowing you to weld details of any thickness and shape.

Achieving strong, visually flawless welds is increasingly important in many manufacturing processes. Laser welding systems provide the precision and efficiency required for large-scale industrial applications, as well as the flexibility and delicacy needed for small part welding.

Welded details do not require further machining. The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Minimum heat input, thanks to which the distortion of the welded detail is very small
  • Small heat affected zone
  • Consistent, repeatable welds
  • Narrow weld with good appearance
  • High strength welds
  • Simple process automation
  • High degree of accuracy and control
  • Ability to weld different materials
  • No flux or filler material required